Monday, December 03, 2007

Glorious Monster – Upcoming EP Release & Christmas Tune

Download: Glorious Monster - "In The Movies"

Glorious Monster
has recently put up their version of "O Holy Night", a song which will be included on their upcoming remix EP, on their MySpace page. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas tunes in general, simply because of their ubiquitousness this time of year; not only are holiday songs played from Thanksgiving to New Years, but the same, recycled songs plague every retail store, every grocery store, and just about every commercial on television. However, Glorious Monster’s version of this song is definitely unique; it’s not screaming with yuletide overkill.

The tune begins with a somber yet sweet vocal courtesy of Brian Casey with only the slightest single humming tone hanging demurely in the background. Then, in grand Glorious Monster fashion, the song picks up slowly, but surely, with a crescendo of light electronic sound that makes the traditional seem new, fresh, and modern. The main elements of the song sound the same, it stays quiet and dreamlike, with the slightest touch of electronic rhythm that brings the song to life. It’s a melancholy twist on the original that’s a refreshing change of pace from the ridiculously chipper tunes to which we’re all so accustomed at Christmastime.

Although not yet available for download, you can still listen to "O Holy Night" here.

Glorious Monster will be holding a release party for their In the Movies remix EP this Saturday, December 8 at Nomad with NOBOT and Estate. Show starts at 9pm, $5 cover, 21+.

Myspace Page

(Tara Rogan)

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