Friday, November 30, 2007

Tegan and Sara - Tonight at the Pantages

Download: Tegan and Sara - "Like O, Like H" - From "The Con"
Download: Tegan and Sara - "I Can't Take It" - From "So Jealous"
Download: Tegan and Sara - "I Hear Noises" - From "If It Was You"

Like O, like H ... like M, like G! Vancouver and Montreal homebodies Tegan and Sara are performing at the Pantages Theater this evening and it will be awesome. "The Con" has definitely found a home on my Top Ten for 2007, so the anticipation for this show has been off the chain. Here are three songs from T&S' three most recent albums to get us pumped up for the show.

Tegan and Sara on MySpace

(Ian Anderson)



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