Thursday, November 29, 2007

Band To Know: Astra Moveo

Download: Astra Moveo - "Dollface"
Download: Astra Moveo - "Wrecked"

Is Denver the new Omaha? Probably not, but the jam bustin', disco punkin', synth wailin' trio Astra Moveo is about to encroach on The Faint's territory. Moveo is a hot little dance rock band gearing up to hit the nation's indie rock scene with a fresh infusion of disco.

Astra Moveo is currently recording their first LP (so remember where you heard it first, folks!), which is due for a spring release. Moveo's balance of finessed dance beats and an aggressive punk stomp provides a wonderful backdrop for any dance party: There's enough smoothness to their sound to get listeners out on the dancefloor, but not so much that the band sounds unpalatably saccharine. The one problem with the songs as they stand now is that the vocals are mixed in a little rough. There are a couple clunky moments that result from the vocals being a little too prominent. But honestly, if the skeleton in your closet is a rough mix, I'd say you're doing pretty damn good.

And, on top of it, Astra Moveo is happy to share the wealth. Check out their MySpace page for the songs at the top of this post as well as some remixes. Listen to MP3s of "Dollface" and "Wrecked" at the top of the post.

(April Wright)

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