Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DeVotchKa Sign to Anti-

Download: DeVotchKa - "You Love Me"

The Denver-based mega-Eastern European-influenced quartet DeVotchKa have signed to Anti- (Tom Waits, Neko Case). This is pretty big considering the group just picked up a a Grammy-nomination for their work on the Little Miss Sunshine score.

Here is my favorite DeVotchKa song, "You Love Me," which their press release claims conjures "images of the serious intensity of a troika being danced in a smoky bar on a Siberian plain and the soaring sweetness of a mariachi serenading a Mexican wedding party are conjured by the band’s lively performances and singer Nick Urata’s evocative voice." Nice.

DeVotchKa's Anti- debut will be out in March 2008.

DeVotchKa on MySpace

(Ian Anderson)



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