Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Band To Know: Kat Flint - "Go Faster Stripes"

Download: Katflint - "Joseph"
Download: Katflint - "Go Faster Stripes"

Oh, Kat Flint, you are one of my favorite new finds. Judging from the airy, windswept sound of her voice, I swear, Flint must have blown all the way across the sea to us from her UK home.

"Go Faster Stripes," a track from her forthcoming debut album Dirty Birds, drapes layers of vocals over a simple piano frame, but then adds little percussive details into the mix. The result is a track that has weight, but still moves and has buoyancy.

The best thing about Flint is that she doesn't fall into the trappings of lonesome female performer. Her sound is full and clean, which allows Flint to stand out in her understated beauty.

Listen to "Go Faster Stripes" and "Joseph" at the top of the post, then stroll on over to her MySpace to listen to some more mp3s.

(April Wright)

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Anonymous mwtmc said...

The video for Go Faster Stripes can now be viewed here:

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