Thursday, November 29, 2007

Band To Know: Maps Of Norway Post Live Show Online (With A Little Help From Their Friends)

Download: Maps Of Norway - "Traffic"
Download: Maps Of Norway - "Marathon" (New Song, Live at Big V's)

Minneapolis-based, post-punk inspired quartet Maps Of Norway are an intelligent group of people. One can tell simply by reading this witty disclaimer that's part of their MySpace bio (written by STNNNG's Chris Besinger, a man who definitely has a way with words):
Post-Punk, Post-Rock, Post-Post-Punk, what post are we at now? Is it still after the last thing or is before the next one yet? Is that bass line retro-ironic or proto-serious? I cant even tell anymore.

Whether or not Maps Of Norway are "retro-ironic" or "proto-serious" is an issue that can be discussed at another time. What one can immediately discern is that sharp, bass-driven hooks, sultry vocals and metronome tight drumming propels their tunes well past the point of mere casual listening, especially in a song like "Traffic".

Simply put, you probably want to hear them play songs live.

Well, being the smart people that they are, MAR, with the help of the good people at Warning Of The Ships, have decided to put up an entire live show online for you to download. WOTS posted this about a month ago, but it's still definitely worth listening to.

The show took place earlier this summer at Big V's and contains material from 2006's Sister Station as well as brand new material, including the opening song, "Strict Ritual", which combines Joy Division/New Order-style angst with an more open-ended, post-rock jam.

You can hear "Traffic", from last year's Sister Station and "Marathon", a moody little number with a slinky bassline and guitar harmonics similar to Sonic Youth, at the top of the post.

To hear the rest of the set, head on over to Warning Of The Ships.

Buy Sister Station here.

MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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