Friday, November 07, 2008

New Music: The Whip - "Trash"

Download: The Whip - "Trash"

The press release for this track says that I should brace for being "impaled by synths". I, for one, am always up for a good impaling (indeed, I sleep in an Iron Maiden. Because I'm really fucking metal). And I certainly can't disagree with the fact that the Mancunian quartet The Whip do use a lot of synthetic keyboard sounds (ones that would do their Madchester ancestors proud), there's also a thick, chunky bass line and enough hi-hat-and-snare drum patterns to make dance-punkers, um, dance.

Too bad The Rapture got here first. In that group's scene-defining hands, a repetitive structure like the one heard in "Trash" could be thrilling, but The Whip don't introduce enough melodic or rhythmic variety to give the song any kind of distinction. "I wanna be trash" goes the vocal line. Dude didn't get his wish. Instead, he's musical compost.

Listen to the track at the top of the post. Leave a comment with yr thoughts. Let's get this conversation party started.

A much more interesting song, "Divebomb Kitsune", is streaming at the group's MySpace Page.

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