Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The New Kings of Leon Song Inexplicably Sounds Like Sammy Hagar

Download: Kings of Leon - "Sex on Fire"

Look, I know that Kings of Leon were denied years of rockin' because of their fundamentalist upbringing (or so the legend goes), but couldn't some kind, forward-thinking soul have steered the boys clear of the red rocker? To be fair, Mr. Hagar did invaluable work with the Clinton administration regarding federal regulation of the speed limit and all that jive. But does anyone think that the man constitutionally incapable of driving 55 should be an influence on today's up-and-coming, edgy rock bands?

Apparently, the family Followill does. How else to explain "Sex on Fire", the second single from their upcoming fourth album Only By The Night? After a rather unassuming, but still quite pleasant, guitar-riff intro recalling the VU-revivalism of earlier this decade, "Fire" quickly goes south by amping up the cheese. The main problem is the vocals. For some reason, the band decided that Joe Cocker + Sammy Hagar = RAWK!. And I'm here to tell that it doesn't. It just doesn't. Also, the song is called "Sex on Fire". Bad idea to have a song title whose immediately reaction is a combination of "ouch" and "no". One shot, mas tequila? No. No Mas.

Hopefully, Only By The Night will consist more of songs like "Crawl", which smartly combined Bjork and The Who.

This song blows goats. I have proof at the top of the post. Or stream it at the band's MySpace Page.

Also, get a load of this, from the band's Wiki page (all errors remain from the Wiki page itself):

Nathan, Matthew and Jared all remain single. Caleb, married to famously incredible Stephanie Shanks, they will be expecting thier first child together this Winter, but it is sure that the unborn child could also be fartherd by anyone of the Followill's. Stephanie, who is ace at nuts, hasnt yet talked about the night spent with the Followill's, but good friends Alexis Baker and Gary parkin are certain that Stephanie wont give a shite as they are all sexy bastards!


Then watch this instead:

Kings of Leon MySpace Page

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