Friday, August 01, 2008

New Of Montreal - "Id Engager"

Download: Of Montreal -"Id Engager"

The Id is one of three parts of Freud's psychic apparatus, along with the Ego and Superego. Each of these terms were discussed in his 1920 essay Beyond The Pleasure Principle The Id is defined as the "unorganized part of the personality structure that contains the basic drives." It is responsible for our basic drives such as food, sex, aggressive impulses, disco and funk. Wait, what? Where did those last two come from? Of Montreal, that's where.

Their new song, "Id Engager", from the upcoming Skeletal Lamping (not to be confused with Cold Lampin'), is both the first single and closing track from said release. "Engager" shows the band making music that is similar to Hissing Fauna, in terms of being fabulous disco/funk hybrid reminiscent of Parliament, and with a hint of the unpredictable and, at times, startling...transitions" that Barnes talked about in his blog post explaining the creation of the record.

P4K debuted the track yesterday, but it's since leaked to the interweb. Listen to it at the top of the post.

Skeletal Lamping is out on Oct. 8th.

of Montreal MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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