Monday, August 04, 2008

New Music: Hotel Hotel, Arms, Light Pollution

Download: Hotel Hotel - "Harlem"
Download: Arms - "Kids Aflame"
Download: Light Pollution - "Firewood"

Three new tracks from up-and-coming acts I would like to share with you. First off is Motel Motel, a Brooklyn-based, Americana-inspired quartet. For me, their first single, "Harlem", off their self-released album New Denver (this is a band that apparently likes proper nouns), was highly derivative off fellow Dylan-obsessed Americana plunderer Destroyer. The tunes on their MySpace page are much more promising though.

However, you might disagree. No need to get up in arms about it. Instead, listen to Arms (did you see what I did there? do you no longer respect me?), the side project of Harlem Shakes singer Todd Goldstein. In contrast to Harlem Shakes' tremble-y post-punk, "Kids Aflame", the title track of his debut album released last week, is a much more subdued affair, with "Kids Aflame" driven by a ukulele, multi-part harmonies, and a bouncy, carefree beat. All in all, quite pleasant. What say you?

Speaking of carefree, the chiming guitars and soaring harmonies of Chicago-based Light Pollution should lift the spirits of anyone in a dour mood. Incorporating many different sounds into one song, "Firewood" the quintet make music that references both the Talking Heads' eclectic proto new-wave, and the lush, orchestral glow of Broken Social Sense, but with a Midwestern take on those bands' sounds that's both adventurous and humble. Easily the best track out of the bunch here.

Listen to the three songs at the top of the post.

Motel Motel MySpace Page
Arms MySpace Page
Light Pollution MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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