Friday, August 08, 2008

Minneapolis in Chicago: STNNNG at the Empty Bottle

Download: STNNNG - "Dubbed Warehousing"
Download:STNNNG - "My Golden Oldie"
Download:STNNNG - "...And Then It Was Vanished"
(all via STNNNG Webpage)

Here's what the Chicago Reader had to say about STNNNG:

Though this Minneapolis quintet covers territory familiar to fans of the Fall, Big Black, Jesus Lizard, and the smart, aggro posthardcore of the 90s—the underrated Dazzling Killmen are a good example from close to home—the predictable elements fall together and come apart in ways just unpredictable enough to keep pushing you back to the edge of your seat. Stnnng has released two gripping albums on Modern Radio in four years, but the real reason this band exists has got to be the live shows, where everything the records threaten to do to you gets done—repeatedly—in a sweaty sausagefest of stage abuse. I’m forced to agree, as the song title says, that “The Id Is a Dude.”

Here are the details for the show, taking place at one of my favorite places in the city:

Comedian Brett Erickson
Miracle Condition
Gay Baby
10 PM,
Empty Bottle,
1035 N. Western

Tickets are $8. The band will also back in Chi-town in October for a gig at the Beat Kitchen. So if you miss this one, fret not.

STNNNG MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Damn, Jon, do you know who is responsible for that deadly poster?

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