Thursday, August 07, 2008

Themes Introduce New Band Members, Announce New Material

What was once a duo is now a quartet, at least according to a recent post on MySpace by experimental alt-folk act Themes. Additionally, the band announced that it was moving to the West Coast in order to record new material for future release. We'll let the band do the talking themselves, as they explained it all in aforementioned post:

to answer some of you questions, YES !
we have new additions to the band. HANNAH MURRAY,(also of a whiper in the noise.) will be joining us on violins!!! annnnnd JOSH SYX ( of splinter cells) will be joining us on guitars and vocal chords.

JUSTIN still plays baritones, and drums, which he sometimes does completely with his feet, like a musical tornado. BRYCE will no longer be touring with us, as he's off to do the solo work.
in fact, he's also touring this fall, check www. myspace. com/brycemidas. com for details.

we will be making a return trip to the devils workshop to record some material for, yet another MINIATURE RECORD CLUB vinyl release. then we will be playing a few final shows in the twin cities, before we hit the road.

and to clarify.

YES! we are moving to portland, oregon. because it's beautiful, and we want to make a record there. so, the TOUR DATES are up, and there will be many more to come. i'd suggest getting tickets in advance.

OCT 27th -30th we will take a break from tour in WHITEFISH MT, where we will celebrate The Day Of The Dead, by recording a NEW EP with our friends at SNOW GHOST STUDIOS (www. snowghostmusic. com) which is going to be amazing!. check out the website, and you'll see why.

after that...i think we're going to finnish a full length, and then punnish the west coast.

JAN???? hmmmmm what do you think?

so. 2 recording sessions, 2 releases, 30 some odd shows on tour with 6 different bands, and a cross country move

In case you missed it, one of those tours is with Minus The Bear and Annuals. Check out those dates here.

Themes MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)



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Like your blog. I am seeking out people to do an INDIE music Video based channel for toolbar TV...well anyways , check out my blog , if ya like it, let me know...

Peace, Chaz

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