Monday, July 21, 2008

New Doomtree - "The Wren" and "Drumsticks"

Late July is a great time for Minneapolis rap music. Not only is Muja Messiah's new record set to be released with a show on July 27th, but hip-hop collective Doomtree is also set to release its years-in-the-making self-titled debut album. Naturally, expectations are high, and the only way to satiate people's appetites for destruction music is to give them a little taste of it. And Doomtree has done exactly that by posting two brand new tracks from the upcoming record on their MySpace Page. The songs are called "The Wren" and "Drumsticks".

You might recognize the main hook for "Drumsticks", as its the very same one that collective used in their video to promote the album. A far-Eastern flute-sample not unlike something you'd hear in a vintage Wu-Tang Clan (except here the production is clearer), each rapping member gets their turn for the spotlight over the track. "The Wren", on the other hand, features band member Dessa the most prominently for track of lost love and regret.

Listen to the two tracks at the band's MySpace Page.

Doomtree is out on July 29th.

Doomtree MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Doom "Mofotherfukin'"Tree!

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