Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Rhymefest - "Ain't Heard It From Me" (feat. Wale)

Download: Rhymefest - "Ain't Heard It From Me" (feat. Whale) (via Fake Shore Drive)

El Che is coming! "Ain't Heard It From Me", a track supposedly from the Chicago-based Rhymefest's upcoming second record. The track was debuted earlier today (in the wee hours of the morn') by Chicago hip-hop blog Fake Shore Drive. But first, some context.

Rhymefest made a huge, indelible impact on the underground rap circuit by becoming known for defeating a young, forgotten whippersnapper--I think, his name was Mars Bar, or Eminem, or something like that--in a battle. Since then, he palled up with Kayne West, who, as an unknown at the time, produced Fest's 2001 underground mix-tape Raw Dog. Once Kanye moved onto greener pastures, he brought along the nom de rap of Che Smith, who then collaborated with the rapper on West's blockbuster record
The College Dropout
. Attaining a blockbuster of his own, however, proved more difficult. Even though Blue Collar was one of 2006's best records, with Rhymefest displaying bravado and a wicked sense of humor as a rapper, thoughtfulness and socially-consciousness as a writer, and, most importantly of all, laying down some sick jams, the record was a commercial flop. (Soundscan, step up, and get you a slice). Undeterred, Fest went on to release a mixtape tribute, equal in quality to Blue Collar, late last year.

As for "Ain't Heard It From Me"? Well, let's just say the Fest did it again. The track is awesome, with 'Fest's flow ("I'm about to lay it down hard so hard/you'd think Rhymefest invented rappin'") and a Tribe Called Quest-style beat driving the momentum of the song, with a DJ scratch comprising the chorus. Rapper Wale guests on the track, produced by Scram Jones.

Listen to it at the top of the post. Thanks again to Fake Shore Drive.

Rhymefest Myspace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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