Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Sally Shapiro - "Time To Let Go" (CFCF Remix)

Download: Sally Shapiro - "Time To Let Go" (CFCF Remix)

Even though the Swedes do pop like few other nationalities, 2008 has been a particularly good year for the Scandinavianally-inclined. We've seen the releases of solo debuts by Peter, Bjorn and John member Peter Morén; the second album from El Perro Del Mar; An EP by like-minded (in terms of singing style, if not musically) songstress Lykke Li, with an album to come later this year; and, lastly, but certainly not leasty, Sally Shapiro, who, on Tuesday, released the second volume of her remixes, the title of which is Remix Romance Vol 2. I know, real big Shyamalan twist there, right?

The release marks the debut of the digital label of Paper Bag Records. Read more about the label's newfound digital path here. As far as songs from the record are concerned, up at the top, you can find the remix of Shapiro's tune "Time To Let Go" by Montreal-based CFCF. As far as the sound of the song is concerned, the track splits the difference between The Tom-Tom Club and "Axel F"; CFCF co-opt the grooves of the former, while adding synth-lines similar to the latter.

Buy Remix Romance Vol. 2 here

Sally Shapiro MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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