Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Conor Oberst Is Really Good

Download: Conor Oberst - "Danny Callahan" (Live at the 400 Bar)

Conor Oberst's new Merge-released record, Conor Oberst, will be out on August 4th and now begins the process of leaking a few tracks to wet our blogger whistles. Two new CB tracks are available for streaming on Oberst's site (HERE) and they are both great. Here is a live version of one of the available tracks, "Danny Callahan," recorded live from his performance at our very own 400 Bar on the West Bank last December.

Also on his site are the circumstances of the recording, which are pretty interesting:

"This recording was made in Tepoztlán, Morelos, México during January and February of 2008. A temporary studio was created in a mountain villa — known for Aztec Magic and Extra-Terrestrial Sightings — called Valle Místico. The album was produced by Conor Oberst with much help from engineer and long time associate Andy LeMaster.

A special band was assembled for the recording, known amongst themselves and to friends as The Mystic Valley Band."

(Ian Anderson)



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