Monday, June 16, 2008

Doomtree Announces New Album...And This Time, We're Absolutely Sure of It

It's kind of amazing what you miss when you take a few days off from music blogging. For starters, the local news that hip-hop collective Doomtree will, in fact, be releasing their self-titled debut record on July 29th of this year, as previously announce, albeit in highly cryptic fashion. The 21-track album will be the first record released by the entire collective, after several False Hopes records by Doomtree members, including poet/emcee Dessa, as well as solo albums by the likes of P.O.S., who has put out two albums via Rhymesayers. The band will be celebrating Doomtree in August, with a record release party at First Avenue. The 18+ show will set you back $8, and will start at 8 p.m. Opening will be Kill The Vultures and I Self Devine.

Here's the tracklisting for the set (via Switchblade Comb):

1. Close Your Ears (intro)
2. Drumsticks
3. Gander Back
4. The Wren
5. Gameshow Host
6. Dots & Dashes
7. Game Over
8. Real Class (interlude)
9. Last Call
10. Accident
11. Sadie Hawkins
12. The Walrus (interlude)
13. Twentyfourseven
14. Let Me Tell You, Baby
15. Down the Line
16. Kid Gloves
17. Pop Gun War
18. Reintroduction
19. Liver Let Die
20. I’m Talking
21. Jaded

In what should be excellent news for fans, given the group's reputation for award-winning live shows, is that Doomtree will be playing Doomtree. Check out the group's MySpace Page for the deets.

Check out the album cover here:

Pre-order Doomtree here

In other Doomtree member news, emcee Mike Mictlan guests on the latest installment of Toki Wright's "Best Week Ever" series. Download the track at Wright's MySpace Page.

Doomtree is out on July 29th.

Doomtree MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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