Monday, June 09, 2008

New Black Blondie - "For The Taste"

Stream: Black Blondie - "For The Taste"

Black Blondie are a Minneapolis-based rhythm-and-blues group who are gathering quite a bit of buzz around the them, especially amongst those who are fond of Amy Winehouse's brand of revisionist soul. While Black Blondie have a sound which should make the Dap-Kings bestow Queenhood around BB's singer, Samahra, there also isn't a trace of gimmick to be found in Black Blondie's music. In other words, no retro-ironic shout-outs to Slick Rick, or endless navel-gazing about fashionable drug habits. Instead, Black Blondie play genuine, utterly infectious music with superb sense of shifting tempos, with a hint of both traditional genres such as gospel and more outre ones like trip-hop (check out the Portishead-esque beat of "World Won't Rest").

The former gets to stretch its muscles on the group's new song, "For The Taste". The jazz-inflected lyrics and vocals are about a timeless theme--a love that proves to be more addictive than healthy. While the music is modern, there's a hint of the old-school in the interjection of a gospel vamp about midway through the song. It's entirely unexpected, but it gives the song a great jolt. If Black Blondie keeps up the great songs, the listener will surely develop more than just a taste of their music.

Thanks to reader Jon Jon for the tip! Stream "For The Taste" at the band's MySpace Page.

Black Blondie MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Blogger jon jon said...

Appalachian downbeat, nah but still fresher than Amy Winehouses beehive.

Another reason why MPLS Fokin Rocks

3:30 PM  

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