Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Stream New Albums From Tapes N Tapes, Man Man, and The Breeders, All In Their Entirety

Download: Tapes N Tapes - "Hang Them All"
Download: The Breeders - "Bang On"
Download: Man Man - "Top Drawer"

With all of the talk surrounding the political significance of Super Tuesdays in the past few months or so, it might be easy to forget that indie-fans have their own Super Tuesdays to anticipate. Namely, this coming Tuesday, April the 8th, will see the release of not one, not two, but five--Three, Sir!--um, three of indie-rock's most highly anticipated albums of the year. First off is MPLS's very own Tapes N Tapes, who are following their highly acclaimed debut The Loon with Walk It Off; The Breeders, who are releasing their first album in six years, Mountain Battles; and Man Man, who are also following up their own highly acclaimed 2006 release with a record called Rabbit Habbits, their third.

What's an indie-fan/cheap bastard to do?

Why, when life gives you lemons,

Yes, yes, behold the cluttered, visual clusterfuck glory known as MySpace Pages. Two of the three can be streamed at the band's MySpace homes: those would be Mountain Battles and Rabbit Habbits, respectively.

Stream Rabbit Habbits here
Stream Mountain Battles here

As for Walk It Off, head over to a little thing called MTV!, where you can hear all of the tracks for the price of zip-point-shit.

Stream Walk It Off here

All three records come out this Tuesday, the 8th.

Man Man MySpace Page
The Breeders MySpace Page
Tapes N Tapes MySpace Page

Read Rolling Stone's take on Walk It Off here.

(Jonathan Graef)

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