Monday, April 28, 2008

New Video: Matmos - "Exciter Lamp"

Download: Matmos - "Rainbow Flag"

If your artistic raison d'etre is to craft an entire album's worth of material with no microphones allowed in the studio for an ALL-SYNTHESIZER record, then I'd imagine that you'd want to have videos from that album be as high-concept as possible. Lo and behold, here comes Matmos with a video that looks like it's footage taken from a documentary about man's first attempt to fax a human being across the galaxy.

Actually, the video for "Exciter Lamp", a track from the experimental duo's forthcoming album (the creative concept of which we've just discussed) called Supreme Balloon* does a very good job of playing with light and shadow, and the video's color motif, involving green, helps establish the kind of dreadful mysteriousness of an imminent UFO landing.

Supreme Balloon is out May 6th. Buy it here. Check out an MP3 at the top of the post.

Matmos MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

*seriously, how much post bong-hit giggling was involved when these words were first spoken?

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