Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Glorious Monster Offshoot To Appear In "The Real World: Hollywood" (Also: Perez Hilton Digs The 1900s?)

Download: Glorious Monster - "Photographs"
Download: The 1900s - "Georgia"

Minneapolis and Hollywood are opposites in many ways, not the least of which includes climate--MPLS, after all, has something called "Cold Weather". But the two cities are about to have at least one thing in common: the music of Glorious Monster, the electro-pop duo from the land of 10000 lakes. The conduit for such a connection? Why, it's "The Real World". Yes, the television show that started out as an earnest, if convoluted, look into the lives of twenty-somethings that has gentrified to an even more convoluted orgy of twenty-something drinking-and-screwing themselves into an orgy of stupid. How is this possible? I'll let Brian from GM do the explaining.

via MySpace:
Hello World,

So, as many of you may or may not know, we here at Glorious Monster also write music for many other things. One of these things is a Neo-Disco Electrono-Rock project that we had not yet revealed to the public.

However, one of the songs we wrote for this project, "Take Off Your Pants (and Dance)", is being featured tonight on the new episode of MTV's Real World Hollywood. A "feature" means they use the vocal version, a significant amount of the song, and they give us a little drop down box during the show as the track plays that tells the viewers the name of the song, band, and album.

This created a small problem for us, as the fine people at MTV received a song from us that we are yet to release.

So if you are feeling juvenile and want to watch MTV tonight, look out for "Take off your pants (and dance)", by The Skeptics (our production team name).

Are we going to release this new neo-disco electrono-rock project under the artistic signature "The Skeptics"?? No, in fact, that shall remain our title as producers, but the song should really be attributed to the band name "Man is Doomed".

Because of the sudden placement of one of our new unreleased songs, we were forced to hastily and crudely assemble a myspace page for "Man is Doomed". It will get better, we promise. Also, we have updated the Skeptic Music page with new(er) music from Glorious Monster, Man is Doomed, and some recent film music we wrote as well.

Listen to Man is Doomed (as well as "Take Off Your Pants (And Dance") at the band's MySpace Page and The Skeptics here. Incidentally, do a Google search for "Man Is Doomed". Lots of fun to be had there.

We're not judging--the economy blows goats (I have proof), and the bills have to get paid somehow. Still, "The Real World"? Does it really have to be "The Real World?".

Yes. It does.


Read P4k's take on one of 2007's best albums, Cold And Kind, here

Glorious Monster MySpace Page
The 1900s MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Blogger joseph said...

There already is a band called Man is Doomed in Philadelphia fronted by the Former Gwar frontman Joe (Joey Slutman) Annaruma. They have been around for two years and are recording as we speak. Thought someone should know.

5:11 PM  

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