Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - New Album, New MP3

Download: Bonnie Prince Billy - "So Everyone" (Demo)

From the Drag City Newsletter:

We put together a sales slate of perfect balance, and then we go and add something else to throw the whole GD thing out of whack! It’s the Drag City way — and besides, who are we to not release a fantastic new Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy album that we feel super-strongly about? It’s called Lie Down in the Light and it’s coming along on LP and CD in May with these other records that I just described. You heard it here first. Did that just happen?

Oh, yes it did! Not only that, but the label was generous enough to give away a track from the upcoming record. The song is "So Everyone", and it's available in demo version. As long as there are tapes hissing, you can count on me to be a happy camper. And, though hearing the finished product would be good for the sake of comparing/contrast, this demo has the bare-bones quality of vintage blues and folk recordings--as a frame of reference, this track is more Leadbelly than Robert Johnson.

Lie Down In The Light is available in May.

Listen to "So Everyone" at the top of the post.

Bonnie Prince Billy on MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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