Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Headlights Perform "Cherry Tulips" Live on Yahoo's "Who's Next" Series

The Champaign, IL-based pop quintet Headlights are in the midst of a tour that now sees them in the Midwest (not MPLS, though there are shows aplenty in Chicago), but will eventually take them to the East Coast and this mythical place called..."Canada". Hmm. Sounds dubious to me.

What isn't dubious, however, is that the group managed to squeeze in a little to make Ian Anderson's heart fill with joy perform a song from their second record (their latest) Some Stopping, Some Racing. The song, you'll be none too surprised to find out, is "Cherry Tulips". That's probably the most obvious choice but, hey, there are records to promote. Watch the band perform an acoustic version of the song at the top of the post. While you are there, listen to two other Headlights tracks, including one from Racing, a song called "Market Girl". Good times.

Headlights MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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