Monday, November 05, 2007

Video: Spice Girls - "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)"

I don't know about you, but I still rock out to old school Spice Girls jams, perhaps more often than I should really be admitting to. Their new single, "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)," just doesn't do it for me. The song isn't very strong to start with. Believe me, I've tried grooving to this, and I just can't. Maybe I could slow dance to it at prom with a friend while crying happy tears and celebrating our unbreakable bonds, but moments like that don't actually happen in real life. It's kind of a grower, and Sporty really gets to showcase her pipes, but it lacks the punch of older Spice Girls songs.

And what is going on in this video? I'm totally impressed with Ginger's abs, but last time I checked, the Girls are supposed to be breaking into night clubs and doing things that shock crusty old white men, like in the video for "Wannabe". Bust instead, this is just a video of the five of them sitting around in some weird room. I realize they're moms now, but if you're still hot enough to wear a studded bustier, you can probably do some dancing too.

The Spice Girls reunion tour kicks off next month, and their greatest hits compilation will be available Nov. 12 in Victoria's Secret stores and Nov. 13 on iTunes.

(April Wright)

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