Monday, November 19, 2007

New Music: Drew Toothpaste

I haven't exactly been secret about my love for DIY in the past, and that's why I've been looking to do a post on Drew, the guy behind Toothpaste For Dinner and one half of the husband-wife duo behind Married to the Sea. Drew makes these hilarious music videos that deserve all kinds of love, but I just didn't really have a news peg to hang it on.

Drew is releasing a limited edition CD with all of the music he's made in the past seven years on it. There's about 70 tracks from Kompressor, his parody synth pop band. Kompressor is legitimately a pretty good band, too, which is awesome. I love it when musicians can wed hilarity and quality.

The CD also includes almost 40 comedy tracks from Drew, including such hits as "Charles Has a Licking Problem," "Comb Your Beard" and "Touch a Damn Dick." You can sample these delights below. There is nothing better than sitting around with your friends, and your booze and your friends booze and watching a ton of these videos. Well, maybe there is. Maybe you should consider inviting a pizza along. Unlike Kompressor, they aren't legitimately good, but if you're going to get down on him for that, you can go to hell. Really.

After the collection sells out, he won't distribute the mp3s again (gasp!) and it only costs 9 bucks (+5 shipping). I mean, I guess you can always rip them from YouTube vids or something, but that’s a hassle. So, you know, buy it. I mean, honestly, I can't count the amount of times in the past six months when I thought "damn, "Charles Has A Licking Problem" would go so well with this post," or I've been cruising the streets of San Francisco and MPLS and suddenly felt the urge to bump "Touch a Damn Dick." For real.

"Comb Your Beard At Night"


"Charles Has Licking Problem"

"Whoomp: There It Is: Charles Remix"

"Suck My Ass (Touch A Damn Dick)" – Now known only as "Touch A Damn Dick"

(April Wright)

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Blogger guyfromfl said...

Kompressor still crushes with devistating might.!

2:07 AM  

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