Friday, November 16, 2007

Saturday: Have Lunch With STNNNG And Signal To Trust, Then See Them Both At The Turf Club Later That Night

Download: STNNNG - "Manic Mechanic" (ZZ Top Cover, unreleased track from Fake Fake sessions)
Download: Signal To Trust - "Silver Coast"
Download: The Shadow Government - "Momo Eat The Tax Man"

This Saturday, the 17th, you can indulge in many forms of deliciousness. But specifically, the deliciousness at the 7th Street Entry on Saturday involves food and great music from your favorite Minneapolis bands.

The Fifth Annual Lunch Show, put on by STNNNG and Signal To Trust, is going to take place starting at noon tomorrow. For seven dollars, here's what you get at this ALL-AGES show: the bands feed you, play for you, give you a limited edition split 7", the contents of which are STNNNG and Signal To Trust doing renditions of each other's songs (check out the cover at the top of this post - pretty awesome, no?), will make available for you to buy a limited edition double LP pressing of STT's Golden Armour, will celebrate the release of labelmates The Shadow Government's The Black And White Album with you, trim your hedges, change your oil, walk your dog, test out your home security system, set up your internet connection, edit your final paper for senior sem, and last, but not least, shoot themselves out of a cannon for your own amusement.

I may have, may have, made those last parts up.

What isn't made up is that the lineup for this show will later play a 21+ gig at the Turf Club later on Saturday night, with doors at 9 pm. So if noon is too early for you (slacker), you can catch them later on at the TC.

Read an interview about the genesis of the lunch show at Reveille Magazine.

STNNNG MySpace Page
Signal To Trust MySpace Page
The Shadow Government MySpace Page
Weather Is Happening MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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