Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Show Is The Rainbow - "School Is Cool" (Plus Two Shows At The Turf Club)

(Photo by Alex Johnson, taken at First Ave.)

Download: The Show Is The Rainbow - "School Is Cool"

The one man entertainment extravaganza known as The Show Is The Rainbow (and as Darren Keen to his friends and immediate family) has had quite the year in 2007. First, he put out his album Gymnasia back in April. He's toured with Girl Talk and Dan Deacon and played a show with Tay "Chocolate Rain" Zonday here in Minneapolis. Now, he's getting ready to play his 5 year anniversary show in Omaha, Nebraska and two shows at Turf Club toward the end of the year.

With all this activity going, it might be easy to forget that Keen is also recording new music. He put the track "School Is Cool" on his MySpace a couple of months ago, but I only got around to hearing it just the other day. The song has the typical awesomely antagonistic (toward boneheads, that is) energy of past TSITR tracks, but with a little less electronic flourishes and more of a straightforward rock feel. "School Is Cool" sounds a little bit like Nirvana, surprisingly.

As stated before, TSITR will be playing two shows on December 22nd at the Turf Club. The Show Is The Rainbow live is an ridiculously entertaining homemade spectacle. Missing it would be foolish, because not only will you enjoy it, but you have two opportunities to enjoy it. The first show will be all-ages, whereas the second will be 21+. No ticket info yet, but when we have it, we'll definitely pass it on to you.

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(Jonathan Graef)

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Is this photo by the AlJo or a different one?

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