Monday, October 08, 2007

The Narrator Cover R.E.M. Track For Stereogum Comp Bonus Tracks

Download: The Narrator - "Try Not To Breathe"
Download: R.E.M - "Try Not To Breathe"
Download: The Narrator - "All the Tired Horses" (Bob Dylan Cover)

As you well know, Stereogum commissioned a Automatic For The People tribute which consisted of 12 different bands covering one of Automatic's classic songs (Read MFR's take on the tribute here).

In the days since, the website has reveled a few bonus tracks that have come from the tribute, one of which is MFR Favorite The Narrator's take on classic R.E.M track "Try Not To Breathe".

In contrast to Dabbled Cities' fragmented take on "Breathe," The Narrator are more faithful to the original, but still manage to add some new touches, the most noteworthy of which is a Gordan Gano-style sing-talk under the more traditional singing approach.

You can listen to the Narrator cover at the top of the post, along with the original for comparisons sake. In addition, I've posted The Narrator's take on Bob Dylan's "All The Tired Houses" (which is also available on this year's

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(Jonathan Graef)

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