Friday, October 05, 2007

Videos: Jenny Dalton, The Little Ones

Jenny Dalton - "Cadence vs Hugo Varvoglis"

Minneapolis singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton has a new remix album coming out on 26th titled Carbon Lily Remixes. The albums, as you can imagine, is devoted entirely to the electronic remixes of her debut album, 2006's Fleur De Lily. Lily was acclaimed by many local scribes, so it will be interesting to see the reaction to this project of hers.

See for yourself if you like Dalton's dabbling with electronic beats and textures by watching her video for "Cadence vs Hugo Varvoglis" at the top of this post.

Tonight, Dalton will be playing at Java Jack's. On Oct. 26th, she'll have a Costume/CD Release party at the Kitty Cat Club. Read details about it here.

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The Little Ones - "Oh, MJ"

In looking for hyperlinks for April's Voxtrot review, I found myself wanting to check out more of The Little Ones. I am a sucker for precise, effervescent power-pop as well, and this definitely hit the spot. It's like The Little Ones are musical Robin Hoods: they rightfully steal musical sunshine and give it to the rest of us.

While the video for "Oh, MJ" is far from new, it's definitely worth a view.

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(Jonathan Graef)

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