Monday, October 08, 2007

White Williams - "The Shadow"

Download: White Williams - "The Shadow"

So, I already did a post on Dan Deacon, but I feel the need to do an entirely separate one on White Williams. They opened for the Deac Friday night, and will be returning to MPLS on Nov. 7 (one week after their new record drops) with Battles. I highly recommend swinging by that show if you have the chance.

Musically, White Williams is very New Wave, but not in a tiresome way. I think the biggest problem with most New-Wave inspired bands is their rush to pour a mountain of synth-sugar onto everything. They neglect the art of...oh, I don't know, writing a good song? But not White Williams. They do a ton of cool instrumentals, but it's all within the framework of strong, tight songwriting.

I'm actually incredibly impressed with this band. I even added them as a friend on Myspace.

MySpace Page

The new album Smoke will be available on Oct. 30th

(April Wright)

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