Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tonight! Airiel Record Release Show At The Empty Bottle

(Incidentally, the caption of this photo from the band's MySpage Page is the following: "This is what happens when we play in Minneapolis")

Download: Airiel - "Sugar Crystals"
Download: Airiel - "Firefly"

Speaking of record release shows, Chicago shoegazers Airiel are also having a celebratory party to herald the unleashing of their newest album, titled The Battle Of Sealand. I've been listening to a few tracks off of their MySpace Page and all I can say is "wow." They cover pretty much all of the shoegaze bases - namely, Ride's more traditional rock approach, Slowdive's ethereal atmospherics and My Bloody Valentine's volume - and surpasses them all with great ease. I can't wait to hear the rest of this record - I hope it's fantastic. Judge for yourselves by taking a gander at two tracks - "Firefly" and "Sugar Crystals" - posted at the top.

The show at the Empty Bottle starts at 9. Fear not, Minneapolis folk, for you will get the chance to see Airiel as well, later in September:

Sept. 28 2007
Triple Rock w/ Ulrich Schnauss
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Should be a loud one.

MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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