Saturday, August 25, 2007

Be BFFs With Best Friends Forever

Download: Best Friends Forever - " My Head In Front Of Your Head"
Download: Best Friends Forever - "Handpocket"
Download: Best Friends Forever - "How BFF Breaks It Off with Movie Stars"
Download: Best Friends Forever - "The BFF Theme Song"

So I was browsing City Pages (which may be a strange thing for me to do seeing as I don't live in the place that the magazine covers)trying to see what was going on in the fine city of Minneapolis when I came across the blurb announcing the record release party for Best Friends Forever. I obviously couldn't attend (not without dropping a ton of claims on gas, anyway), so I decided to check out the band's MySpace and listen to some tracks.

Best Friends Forever, a group whose core consists of two women who have been friends going on a decade-and-a-half, sounds like the kind of music that Sleater-Kinney would make on their hiatus while listening to a lot of They Might Be Giants. Songs like "My Head In Front Of Your Head" and "Handpocket" have similar vocal characteristics of the former and the idiosyncratic wit of the latter. The aforementioned "My Head" is about going back in time to comfort Abraham Lincoln by reciting Shakespeare to him and doing his shopping, for example.

The band has a new album out, entitled Romance Conflict Adventure, and it's available at your local record store.

But if computer shopping is more of your thing, then buy Romance Conflict Adventure here.

MySpace Page

Tour Dates:

Sept. 2nd, 2007
Two Pines
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sept. 21st, 2007
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sept. 22nd 2007
Chicago, Illinois

Sept. 29th 2007
Girls Rock the U @ The Whole Music Club
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sept. 30 2007
Two Pines
Minneapolis, Minnesota

(Jonathan Graef)

*400th post!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What local stores? I checked Electric Fetus, and they had no information about this cd at all. Where can I get it locally?

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you try either Treehouse or Eclipse? They might have it. If not, then you can order it through the website


3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks--I tracked it down at Yay!

9:20 AM  

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