Friday, August 24, 2007

Stream Liars In Its Entirety On MySpace

Download: Liars - "Houseclouds"
Download: Liars - "Pure Unevil"

Liars are just five days away from releasing their fourth, self-titled, album. Drums Not Dead was one of my favorite albums of recent years, so the anticipation on my part is quite heavy. Well, guess what, gangstas, the wait is over. You can stream the entire new album on the band's MySpace Page. Upon first listen, I have to say that the album is very, very good, but doesn't quite have the earth-shattering impact for me that Drums did.

Still, it's quite admirable that the band has found a happy medium between using more straightforward song structures and keeping their atmospheric, highly conceptual, sonic adventurousness. Of all the songs on the album, I think that "Houseclouds", "Clear Island" and "Cycle Time" are the most clear-cut rock/pop tracks, whereas "Leather Prowler" and "The Dumb In The Rain" resemble Drums material of echoing vocals and booming percussion. Then, there are songs like "Pure Unevil" that effectively combine both approaches. There isn't a moment on Liars that is as sublime as "The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack" or as bloodcurdling as "Let's Not Wrestle, Mt. Heart Attack", but there still is a lot of material here that showcases a band still engaging in fruitfull creativity. My tentative, first listen, grade is B+.

Stream the album here. We've posted two tracks, which you can listen to at the top of the post.

Band Website

(Jonathan Graef)

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