Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jimmy Eat World - "Big Casino"

Jimmy Eat World's "Chase This Light" comes out in October and the lovely people at Interscope have release the first single off of the album, "Big Casino," and it kind of hauls ass. They're keeping a tight lid on the mp3 of it, so it's just on their MySpace Page and it also includes are really terrible and awkward ad for the album halfway through the song. But, the bright side is that J.E.W. has found a way to rekindle 1999 with the influence of Butch Vig, which bodes well for a repeat of the success of "Bleed American."

(Ian Anderson)



Blogger omgliketotallywtf said...

Clarity, and Static Prevails, are so amazing, they cannot be beat. I love this band so much.

4:56 PM  

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