Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Luke Temple Daytrotter Session

Download: Luke Temple - "Thankful Survivor" (Daytrotter Session)
Download: Luke Temple - "Medicine" (Daytrotter Session)
Download: Luke Temple - "Lucky Part" (Daytrotter Session)
Download: Luke Temple - "The Owl Song" (Daytrotter Session)

These are MP3s of the Luke Temple session at Daytrotter. Short, sweet, beautiful and lo-fi - like if Bill Callahan wrote campfire songs with Jeff Buckley. Close your eyes and listen to the serenity.

(Jonathan Graef)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously a great post/great musician, but are you aware of the disclaimer located in multiple locations on the daytrotter site asking that no one take these and re-host them elsewhere? I know it's a bummer, but it only seems fair...

12:27 PM  

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