Friday, August 10, 2007

On the Road Mix No. 2

I'm heading out in, oh, 20 minutes for a two week tour with my band, and this is the first of many mixes I have made for this trek amongst the stars. I really like having mix tapes in the van when stuck within its walls for four to ten hours a day. It brings a sort of focus to the drive that makes it that much more deliberate: if the soundtrack is cool, the drive is cool. Expect another mix soon!

Download: Albert Hammond Jr. - "In Transit"
Download: Interpol - "All Fired Up"
Download: Panda Bear - "Take Pills"
Download: Paul Westerberg - "Dirty Diesel"
Download: Plastic Constellations - "Belly of the Beast"
Download: Rogue Wave - "Salesman at the Day of the Parade"
Download: Small Towns Burn A Little Slower - "Forget the Fashion"
Download: So Many Dynamos - "Search Party"
Download: Spoon - "Rhthm & Soul"
Download: Tegan and Sara - "Relief Next To Me"
Download: Ten Grand - "Fuck You Guyses Teams"
Download: Voxtrot - "Your Biggest Fan"

(Ian Anderson)



Blogger Nicole said...

I dig this. I dig Picard. Awesome.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous julia said...

rooooooad trip material.


2:03 AM  

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