Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The 1900s Revel Themselves To Be "Cold And Kind"

Download: The 1900s - "Bring The Good Boys Home"
Download: The 1900s - "When I Say Go"

Chicago-based psychedelic-pop band The 1900s (who just played Lollapalooza this past Sunday) will release their first full-length album on October 2nd. The set, which is titled Cold and Kind, will be distributed on Parasol Records. It's the band's first release since their debut EP Plume Delivery.

Each week until Cold And Kind's release, the septet will debut a new track via their redesigned website. The first track to be debuted on the site is titled "No Delay" which is streaming beside the previously released Kind track "When I Say Go."

Live, the band doesn't have too many dates forthcoming, save for the Hideout Block Party on Sept. 7th and a University of Wisconsin-Madson date on the next day. But expect more dates soon - if Cold and Kind has one song even half as good as "Bring The Good Boys Home" on it, then expect strong demand for the band.

Stream "No Delay" here.

Update: The band just added a new mp3 stream to their website, for a track called "Georgia."

(Jonathan Graef)

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