Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stream Sterogum's Tribute to OK Computer

Download: My Brightest Diamond - "Lucky"
Download: John Vanderslice - "Karma Police"
Download: Cold War Kids - "Electioneering"
Download: The Twilight Sad - "Climbing Up The Walls"

Stereogum commissioned several bands to do a 10th anniversary, song-by-song, tribute to Radiohead. Above you'll find four of the more noteworthy tracks from the set, and below you will find artist/track list and the link to stream the rest of the album! It's totally free and legal, so you should not hesitate to download all of these tracks:

1. Doveman - "Airbag"
2. Slaraffenland - "Paranoid Android"
3. Mobius Band - "Subterranean Homesick Alien"
4. Vampire Weekend - "Exit Music (For a Film)"
5. David Bazan's Black Coud - "Let Down"
6. John Vanderslice - "Karma Police"
7. Samson Dalonoga feat. The Found Sound Orchestra - "Fitter Happier"
8. Cold War Kids - "Electioneering"
9. The Twilight Sad - "Climbing Up the Walls"
10. Marissa Nadler feat. Black Hole Infinity - "No Surprises"
11. My Brightest Diamond - "Lucky"
12. Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble - "The Tourist"

Stream the rest of the album here

(Jonathan Graef)

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