Monday, July 09, 2007

Pitchfork Music Festival: Lunchbreak Concert Series

In order to gear up for the mammoth, completely sold-out, Pitchfork Music Festival, the website is collaborating with the Chicago Cultural Center to bring you, citizens of Chicago, the Lunchbreak Concert Series. The series consists a week long series of shows by local bands, each one sponsored by a local music venue. All of the performances will take place at Chicago Cultural Center's Randolph Cafe, which is located at 77 East Randolph Street in Chicago.

Today's show was presented by Martyrs and featured Red Chamber.

Download: Red Chamber - "Slow Soul"
Download: Red Chamber - "Tabu"

Below is a list of the remaining concerts in the series and a few mp3s of each band participating:

Tuesday: Baby Teeth

Download: Baby Teeth - "Snake Eyes" (Daytrotter Session)
Download: Baby Teeth - "The Rules" (Daytrotter Session)

Wednesday: The Narrator

Download: The Narrator - "SurfJew"
Download: The Narrator - "Panic at Puppy Beach"

Thursday: Watchers

Download: Watchers - "Chess Champion "
Download: Watchers - "Mercenary Birds"

Friday: May Or May Not

Download: May Or May Not - "Drown In The Sun"
Download: May Or May Not - "Holiday"

(Jonathan Graef)

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