Monday, July 09, 2007

Interpol - Our Love to Admire/Interpol (2)

Our Love to Admire (Capitol, 2007)
Grade: A

Download: Interpol - "No I In Threesome"
Download: Interpol - "Heinrick Maneuver"

Where every band seems to have failed this year, Interpol has succeeded. Our Love to Admire is a hit. Hands down, thumbs up, where do I sign. Paul Banks has somehow figured out how to be more compelling, more entrancing and an even better songwriter on this new soon-to-be invading every indie-rockers consciousness album.

The record is breathtakingly well-produced, beautiful in both composition and flat-out recording quality (thanks Capitol for the budget); not to mention that there isn't one dull moment on the album. Banks dabbles in some self-referential guitar action, but it all leads somewhere new.

This element explains the clear divide in the album that I imagine we'll hear so much about: half of the record brings back all of the great things we loved about Interpol's last two releases, and the other half pushes the boundaries provided by their new major label influence. This is exactly what I was hoping for.

(Ian Anderson)

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