Friday, February 13, 2009

Tonight: Hexagon Bar Benefit @ Hexagon

After you no doubt see the "re-imagining" of Friday the 13th (ha!), head over to the Hexagon to spend your money on something that will actually do some small business good. The bar is holding a fundraiser tonight for the purposes of updating their equipment. Since its Friday the 13th, the most awesome day of the year, the gimmick for the fundraiser is this: 13 bands on two stages, with each band playing 13 minute sets. Additionally, there will be "special guests" around 1:15 in the morning. Who will fill this musical booty call? Who knows? Find out for yourself by showing up tonight at the Hex.

Here be set times:

9:45 military special
10:00 the hasbeen*
10:15 kill to kill
10:30 falcon arrow*
10:45 young brides
11:00 nightinghales*
11:15 the nina the pinta
11:30 zyclon b cool*
11:45 economy team
12:00 marvelle*
12:15 plastic chord
12:30 power of two*
12:45 speeds the name
1:15(ish) special guests

Hexagon Bar Website

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Anonymous Rap Music said...

bet it was cool ...

12:19 PM  

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