Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New (Old) Muja Messiah feat. Graph Nobel - "Swing First"

Download: New (Old) Muja Messiah feat. Graph Nobel - "Swing First"

Us (We?) bloggers have been trying to get our little paws on this new-old Muja Messiah track ever since the rapper posted the song to his MySpace a couple of days ago. Thanks to Jon Jon, we can now bring you that track. Originally recorded for a PS2 game, "Swing First" sounds like the kind of dark, minimalist production direction that Ant would take Atmosphere on for When Life Gives You Lemons..., even though the song quite obviously predates that record. The song isn't perfect by any means--one lyric goes "knuckles have been damaged/from all the knuckle sandwiches I've been landin'"--but "Swing First" nails an irresistible groove and stays there, and Muja's flow just exactly complements the production by Doc. Listen to "Swing First" at the top of the post.

Muja Messiah MySpace Page
Graph Nobel MySpace Page

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Anonymous Rap Music said...

Hey thanks for the post ... liked the track

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