Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fog's Andrew Broder Releases Third Free Online Solo Album In As Many Weeks

Download: Andrew Broder - Raw Bulb
Download: Andrew Broder - Experts, Specialists
Download: Andrew Broder - I Must Fix All The Problems

For the past three weeks, Fog man Andrew Broder has been releasing new, entirely instrumental, ambient solo works. The three albums (I Must Fix All The Problems; Experts, Specialists; and Raw Bulb) have all been released within this timeframe, usually toward the end of the week. Twin Cities Decider has done a pretty great job of keeping up with Broder's prolific solo output, which greatly differs from his group efforts with Fog.

On the whole, listening to all three albums back-to-back-to-back (now there was a trippy prospect) feels like emerging from stardust to sentience. Broder's ambient compositions start out as aggressive white noise--a comparison to Metal Machine Music probably doesn't flatter, but the results here are much, much more listenable and enjoyable--but slowly begin to take shape over the course of the album's durations. Broder has made all three albums available for free through YouSendIt--links that we have posted at the top.

However, Broder seems to admit that such musical generosity is unsustainable. In the words of man himself (via):
“Now, just because I am putting out free albums, that does not mean I can necessarily afford to do so. I can't. But in this ever-changing musical landscape, it seems like everyone is trying to re-configure how they do what they do, me included. So these are not tossed-off ideas, or freebies to advertise something else. This is what I do, and if you want to support it, you can feel free to send a voluntary donation via PayPal to: thefog@visi.com. If you can't do that, just telling a friend, or your thousands of friends online to check it out is also very helpful

So help a brotha out by throwing him a few digital dollars. Download the albums, then throw him some bucks.

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