Monday, February 09, 2009

New Video: Jayber Crow - "Freeze and Thaw"

The first video from the folk duo finds the naturalistic Midwest natives creating an entire snowy world from paper cut-outs. The results are quite impressive, considering the pain-staking effort that making this video no doubt took. Normally, I try not to share dialogue from email correspondence, but this note from Crow member Zach Hawkins is to good not to:
"We made the video...just a mere nine months after [2008's Two Short Stories] came out in its tangible form. (Heck, we rarely use microphones when we play, so we figure people can't blame us too much for our tardiness in getting to the digital party.)"

Now that we've seen the results, all we can say is "indeed, welcome! And what the hell took you so long?"

Jayber Crow MySpace Page

Disclaimer: One of the writers of this blog has worked with JB in a professional capacity. The author of this post, however, has no relationship with JB, personal or professional.

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