Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New NOBOT - "Said and Done"

Download: NOBOT - "Said and Done"

Like Big Quarters, electronic-music duo NOBOT like to give away a free song every month, and December is no different. The MPLS-based twosome released their new single, "Said and Done", through various outlets, including this here blog and their own website. In contrast to party jam "Drinking Progress", "Said and Done" is a little more patient in terms of building dynamics, and it's also more sinister, in terms of sonically and lyrically. "We are the ones who are supposed to know/about the ones who watch us now" sound vaguely Orwellian, and the music doesn't help alleviate such dark notions, with minor-key guitar riffs and monotone robot voices speaking about the end. All in all, another solid jam. Listen to "Said and Done" at the top of the post.

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