Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Music Streams: Bloc Party, TV on The Radio, Annuals

(Bloc Party)

Download: Bloc Party - "Trojan Horse"
Download: Bloc Party - "Mercury" (CSS Remix)

Yesterday, it seemed like there was an explosion of music streams happening. First off, on the heels of the very-sudden, Radiohead-esque announcement that their third album, Intimacy, is out TOMORROW, Bloc Party put up a stream of a new song called "Trojan Horse". Listen to it at the band's MySpace page, or stream a copy of it above. Next up is TV on The Radio. Their new album arrives late September, and it is called Dear Science,. Late yesterday afternoon, the band put up the first song from Science. It's called "Golden Age", and it is a notably departure in many ways, but still excellent. Listen to it here.

Sticking to what they know best (sunny psychedelia with quirky song-structures and luminescent harmonies) blog pet band Annuals put up a song from their upcoming sophomore album, Such Fun. The song is called "Confessor", and you can listen to it here.

(Jonathan Graef)

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Blogger Jon said...

Joy was found in Silent Alarm, but only boredom in "Weakend", Intimacy is at least...interesting, it does not suck, on the Pitchfork scale I would say 7.5, they at least attempt some different territory, even if they are not always successful, it is still better than the breathy drone of the second album, the stand-alone single from earlier in the year Flux should def be on Intimacy, it would have started the album out on the right note. Overall Silent Alarm is still amazing, the shouting anthems are missed, Blue Light is great, but that should not be the formula for every future song.

Anyway, this album:

Ares will make for a good remix ("First person singular!")(MSTRKRFT again please), Mercury is still not a very good song, Halo, One Month Off, and Trojan Horse are the stand-outs and feature the guitar that BP are oh so good at, Biko and Zepherus are yawners, Better Than Heaven and Signs are decent album tracks that could have used better placement on the album, and the closer Ion Square sounds like a techno remix of a Weekend b-side, no thank you.

12:20 AM  

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