Monday, August 18, 2008

New Minneapolis Hip-Hop: Young Son and St. Paul Slim

Two of Minneapolis' most promising emcees posted new material on their respective MySpace Pages. First off is Young Son, whose upcoming album Dreamer's Poetry, is set for release this fall. The song is called "Heavy Soul", and it features Adrien Lindsey. It's a slow jam, lamenting the lack of funding in schools, and other plights in urban society today, including how "you kill a man/you get life in prison/cop kill a man/he gets flags and ribbons". A heavy soul, indeed. Listen to the track here.

St. Paul Slim, however, is in a less reflective state of mind. Indeed, it seems as he's got so much trouble on his mind, blasting people he dubs as being insecure (In Alex Trebek voice: What's with the homophobic slurs?). Distasteful element aside, "Watch Out", the new song on Slim's MySpace Page is a club banger if there ever was one, with Slim making many entertaining boasts, and spitting out some furious rhymes with a highly concentrated flow. Check it out here.

In other St. Paul Slim news, you can hear him do a guest rap on "Don't Fight The Feelin'" on modern soul singer Yvette Iris MySpace Page. The rap details Slim's love of hip-hop (gotta dig the LL Cool J quotes) and delves deeply into his life story, including growing up in Minneapolis. Simply put, this is a great song. Listen to it here.

Yvette Iris MySpace Page
St. Paul Slim MySpace Page
Young Son MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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