Monday, August 18, 2008

New Peter Bjorn and John - "Inland Empire"

Download: Peter Bjorn & John - "Inland Empire" (via)

Considering the feast of harmonization that was their 2006 release Writer's Block, an entirely instrumental album from Swedish pop trio Peter, Bjorn and John might seem like complete and utter sacrilege. Like the Pixies making an album entirely of LOUD-LOUD-quiet, or Motorhead not kicking ass. So it's quite the excellent surprise that the new PB&J (teehee) song, "Inland Empire" from their upcoming transitional LP, Seaside Rock, is abstract and menacing. Quite the opposite from the happy sing-alongs that got their material on TV and in advertisements. Also, it seems very fitting in the week that Isaac Hayes passes on into the funky afterlife, a track opening with a relentless hi-hat debuts online. Everything that's old is new again.

Listen to "Inland Empire" at the top of the post.

Peter Bjorn and John MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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