Monday, August 25, 2008

New Maps of Norway - "The Runout" and "Strict Ritual" (Plus: CD Release Party at the Turf Club)

Download: Maps of Norway - "Strict Ritual" (live)
Download: Maps of Norway - "The Runout"

Just last week, it looked like Minneapolis-based proto-serious post-punkers Maps of Norway weren't going to be doing much of anything, what with having to drop out of the Nomo show due to drummer Jeff Ball's recent injury. However, in terms of album and music announcements, the band still has lots of activity left in them.

Via a MySpace Blog Post, Maps of Norway announced that they had posted two new songs on their page. These two songs, "The Runout" and "Strict Ritual", are from their new, upcoming record titled Die Off Songbird, which will be released by Guilt Ridden Pop on October 10th. A CD Release Party will take place at Turf Club.

As far as the tracks themselves go, "The Runout" begins with a series of rim shot clicks not unlike The Dodos great song from this year, "Fools" and a bassline that's pure joy (Division). However, instead of multi-culti prog-folk, Maps of Norway opt for more New Wave friendly territory, with singer Rebecca Leigh sounding quite a lot like Blondie's Debbie Harry. Chiming guitar chords and a mournful vocal help give "The Runout" a romantic vibe, while the aforementioned bassline keeps things moving before the explosive chorus. The band's nu-new-wave-isms are not new, but the group writes engagingly melodic music that's hard to resist.

Speaking of which, have you checked out the beat to "Strict Ritual"?

Listen to songs here, or listen to a live version of "Strict Ritual" up at the top of the post. Check out an MP3 of "The Runout" at the top of the post as well.

Die Off Songbird is out October 10th.

Maps of Norway MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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