Friday, August 22, 2008

Wrapping Paper Write Songs About The People Who Buy Their Music

Download: Wrapping Paper - "Hold Up The Neon Sign"

Like The Beach Boys wrapped in a warm blanket of fuzzed-out, lo-fi distortion (which means "pay attention!", you Magnetic Fields and Times New Viking), Wrapping Paper, a group from St. Paul, seem to have a quirky, yet thoroughly melodic, sensibility. The more whimsical side has definitely come up in the group's latest series of songs, the subject matter of which is "you". Or, more accurately, "you" who have bought their latest EP, Hold Up The Neon Sign (the title track can be downloaded at the top of this here post). As part of a deal, if you buy the EP, and send them a message about what you want the song to be about (at this email address: WRAPPINGPAPERSTON@GMAIL.COM), then Wrapping Paper will write said song. The band website explains in greater detail:

"(The song) could be for a significant other, or to commemorate a graduation, it could be about your favorite color or your ideas on the best way to approach a
wild animal without getting hurt. The songs will be acoustic and I can GUARANTEE they will make you happier than you've ever been (not a guarantee)"

If you want to hear some examples of songs the band has written, then head on over to the recently created MySpace page created for the occasion. My favorite? "Mary's Gonna Have A Great Time", about wishing the titular person a great time at Burning Man. Most of these tracks have the stripped-down quality of some of the lonelier moments from Radio City. Very melodic and harmonious. Listen here.

Buy the EP here.

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